Design objects contain various messages of a time.

We can glimpse the aesthetics, manufacturing techniques, industrial developments and design thinking of a time through understanding a local design object. And a space made up of hundred of local design objects would manifest the rich and various lifestyles of a time. We, play design salon, tries to put design objects in the center of the space, enabling people to rediscover and interpret the beauty of Taiwanese culture. 



Play Design Salon opens to everyone, and welcomes independent curators, designers, and artists to propose action plans on how you can make use of the salon space to promote & articulate the aesthetics of Taiwanese culture.
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玩味沙龍開放各界預約參觀,我們也徵求「一日店長」或「一日沙龍主」,利用玩味沙龍的物件收藏,實驗與玩味各類基於「體驗台灣日常物件設計」的展覽或活動 ― 
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